The rising cases of femicide in Kenya are becoming quite alarming. Kenyans have raised questions on the worrying trend; with the recent gruesome murder story being reported on Sunday morning.

The 20 year old girl is said to have informed a friend that she was going for a dinner with a friend of hers at Roysambu, only for her not to return home, and her phone going off.

According to the report released from the ongoing investigations, the suspect to the murder was captured on CCTV footage walking hurriedly to a shop where he was supposed to pick the key to the apartment.

The police reported that the suspect picked the keys to view the room, and returned five minutes later to make payment. He then asked to speak to the apartment owner via phone, so that he could be allowed to pay in cash claiming that his phone account was experiencing some issues. That was the last time he was captured by the cameras.

It wasn’t until 8pm when the woman arrived and told the guards that he was joining the suspect.

On Sunday morning after the apartment’s caretaker noticed that the key was not returned, he went to check on the house and found the room empty but with some stains of blood which he followed, and found body parts wrapped in bedsheets and trash bag prompting him to call the police.

The family of the deceased have been confirmed to have identified the body, but declined to talk to the media until the investigations were concluded. Her identity was also not disclosed.

From the investigations, it also emerged that the murder used a hacksaw to chop the lady’s body parts whose head was missing from the dismembered body parts.

It is also suspected that he might have been hired and carried the missing body parts to his masters as proof of a finished job. Using CCTV footage and phone triangulation, detectives further believe that the suspect is  in Ruaka where he has been staying for a few days.

This incident was reported shortly after the case of Starlet Wahu, who was also murdered in an AirBnB in South B.

The increase of the cases have seen Kenyans protest online, with the hashtag “Stop Killing Women”. Some however feel the same energy should be directed to men who have been murdered by women.

“I condemn recent cases of murders of women within Nairobi Airbnb, which have drawn reactions from Kenyans on social media with Kenyans calling for action. However, we shouldn’t miss the point. Men & women have been victims of homicide. Stop killing women & men,” an X user stated.

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