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Kenyan actress Esther Chebet, widely recognized as Matilda in the hit television series Real House Helps of Kawangware, has left netizens concerned about her life over a cryptic post she shared online.

The actress posted a post about not being okay mentally after she mingled with the wrong people and tapped the bad energy.

” Hey guys, imekua kitambo tangu nipost hapa but life has been moving too fast …I don’t know if I’ll be okay by the end of the day, but I got myself into something I can’t really reverse,” she wrote.

She also said that life was spiritual and she might have tapped into the wrong energy while soul searching for peace of mind.

” Life is spiritual and I think I tapped into the wrong realms in my search for peace of mind and tapped into the wrong energies.” she continued.

Esther apologized to those she wronged along the way and thanked those who stood by her.

” For those nimekosea along the way poleni sana and for those wamenishika mkono asanteni sana. I made new friends who were into things I didn’t things I didn’t really expect.,” she wrote


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Star Chebet added that her mind was used to open a portal at Kimungu River in Kericho county.

“Someone wanted me out of town, niende Kericho nifanye some thing I really didn’t understand and for months my mind was clogged. It started ile time I went to hospital. My family and doctor assumed I was hallucinating but I tapped into wrong realms because of an addiction I had,” she said adding that;

” Wanasema bangi sio mboga but be with the right company while at it usikae pekee yako sana. Na msipige watu picha ovyo ovyo. Many souls are getting trapped  in spaces they don’t belong. Akili yangu ilitumika nifungue portal Kericho.”

Chebet went ahead to share details about her misfortune revealing, “Wale mnajua I have been threatened  and shut spiritually for some us who were energetically sensitive sometimes hizo sauti ni za ukweli. Wale mnajua make up ni nini in spirituality, ulizia, ndio nilipakwa for months. No wonder hamjakua mkioniona. I could hear voices in my rooms, kumbe …and my voice was used to channel a spirit I didn’t know.”

“Some of your ancestors and spirtitual guides are out. Protect your energy. Hio yote ni after nimekunywa maji kwa mtu. Water is life, intentions za watu ndio huwez elewa,” she said.

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