South Mugirango MP Sylvanus Osoro has dismissed Genzs demonstrating against the finance bill and classified them as ‘childish people ‘who don’t understand the finance bill well.

On a recent video online,the MP urged Genzs to understand the finance bill first and how it will be of benefit in the future.

“Hawa watu wanasema angusha  kitu,understand kwanza the point ,some of them I’ve engaged them,kuna mmoja nimeengage akafika place nikamueleza mambo ya sanitary pads,nini nini vile tunataka kugrow our manufactures,akaniambia aya,kumbe ni hivo” Osoro said


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The majority of politicians, according to the South Mugirango Member of Parliament insisted that they will not oppose the financial measure, despite offensive texts and phone calls from enraged Kenyans who urged them to do so.

Kenyans turned to social media with a campaign dubbed #RejectFinanceBill2024, to urge the MPs to withdraw the Bill from Parliament, arguing that it will put people through more economic hardship due to needless induced taxes.

Majority of Kenyans expressed their displeasure and frustration about the new taxes, according to Silvanus Osoro, who acknowledged receiving over 3,000 messages and many calls.

Kenyans started texting and calling a group of MPs whose contact information is now available to the public, encouraging them to oppose the bill.

Most members of the parliament had resorted to switching off their phones or blocking all numbers after receiving several calls since last week.

The over-debated Finance Bill forms part of the strategies by the government to meet its Ksh.3.9 trillion revenue target.

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