Eric Omondi, a renowned comedian and content creator who has previously announced his ambition to run for a parliamentary seat in the 2027 elections, has made a provocative statement regarding the current situation in Kenya.

Omondi has called for the resignation of President William Ruto, his Cabinet Secretaries, and all Members of Parliament who voted in favor of the controversial Finance Bill 2024.

During an interview with KTN, Omondi declared,”Suluhu katika hii shida tunayo hii Kenya ni Rais daktari William Ruto ajihuzulu pamoja na waziri na wale walio piga yes. It’s a vote of no confidence, wakenya wameonyesha kwa wingi. Wamepaza sauti na kusema kwa umoja issue SI finance bill.”

Eric Omondi suggested that the discontent with the Finance Bill 2024 was only a trigger of broader issues and longstanding grievances among Kenyans after enduring a lot of punishment from the government.

He suggested that the Finance Bill 2024 was just a catalyst for the public’s outcry, saying, “Issue sio Finance bill. Finance bill tumeitumia kuongea mauchungu, mahitaji yetu na matakwa yetu. Wasichanganye, wasidhani ati Rais akitoa finance bill sasa tuko sawa.”

Omondi said that the withdrawal of the finance bill alone would not address the deeper problems faced by Kenyans.

To illustrate his point, Omondi likened the situation to a person who has endured repeated provocations over many years, explaining,

“Mtu ashawahi kuwa amekukosea miaka mingi, amekuumuza miaka mingi rohoni umenyamazia na akilini kuumwa. Lakini unangojea ile muda utamwambia ulinikosea. Sasa hii finance bill 2024 sio issue ni trigger.”

He brought to light that the bill acted as the final straw for many Kenyans who have suffered in silence.

Omondi’s remarks come in the wake of protests by Kenya’s youth, particularly the Generation Z cohort, who have been vocal against the Finance Bill 2024 and now the anti-government protests.

Despite the bill’s withdrawal, the protests have continued with the rallying cry of #RutoMustGo, reflecting widespread dissatisfaction with the government.

However others saw his opinion will worsen the current situation.

“Lakini mkisema Rais atoke kwa style hiyo, it will be worse, let the president finish his term alafu muwende Kwa uchaguzi ndio utaamua, lakini njia hii sio sahihi, italeta mashida mengi sana.


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