Famous Kenyan Gospel artist Ringtone, whose real name is Alex Apoko, has boldly claimed that he the richest artist in Kenya. In a recent interview, he confidently stated,

“Mimi ndio number one alafu KRG ni number 2 na akubali,” showing his financial success over other artist such as  KRG the Don.

When asked about who might be holding the third spot, Ringtone said with a lot of uncertainty “Number 3 wamewachwa mbali, maybe Bahati.”

The gospel artist attributed his wealth to his faith saying,

“Ni God juu nafanya kazi kwa kingdom ya God nafanya kazi ya Mungu,” emphasizing that his devotion and work for the Kingdom of God are the primary sources of his wealth and success.

His rise to fame began with his hit song “Pamela,” which resonated deeply with audiences and bringing him significant public attention.

When asked about his real age, the musician gave a very unexpected answer. “Sijui.” He then added humorously,

“Mimi ni mdogo. Alafu unajua mara kadhaa nimeenda kwa God nkafast areduce age yangu.”

Ringtone also shared insights into his humble beginnings, revealing that his first job was hawking music and Nigerian movies and even though scoring a B+ he couldn’t join Campus due to lack of money.

His entrepreneurial spirit and determination laid the foundation for his success in the music industry.

The interview took an intriguing turn when Ringtone talked about his connections with popular socialites Vera Sidika and Huddah Monroe.

He claimed that Sidika visited him while she was still a student at Kenyatta University.

“Vera Sidika alikuja kwa nyumba nikiishi Safari Park kitambo akiwa KU saa kama hyo alikuja kunitafuta yeye mwenyewe huyo na Hudah niliwajua before wakuwe stars,” he said.

When asked if he would consider searching for connection with Vera Sidika, Apoko set a clear condition.

“On condition number one mimi nasema mtu aokoke, ako tayari kupeana maisha yake kwa Yesu.” Showing his unwavering commitment to his faith and the values he upholds.

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