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Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua, who is nicknamed Riggy G, made a special appearance at The Bahati’s event on Thursday night.

The second in command congratulated the Bahati family for their significant achievement by getting their reality show on Netflix .

The Bahati Empire will be the fast Kenyan reality show to premier on Netflix.

Riggy G appearance at the event was a big step in the entertainment industry, and further cemented government’s effort in supporting the creative industry, although many have termed the move as copy pasting by the Bahatis from Harmonize who invited President Samia Suluhu to the launch of his album recently.

Riggy G however revealed that the reason he showed up was because he is a simple guy and he also has a social life. He added that he is a big fan of Bahati  and also a strong believer of the youths acknowledging how much potential young people have .

“The deputy president of the republic of Kenya is a simple  guy and he too has a social life and i am a fan of Bahati ,” he said.

Earlier in his speech Gachagua praised Bahati for his journey from a deprived childhood to becoming an international star.

“Our government, led by President William Ruto, is very proud of this achievement. From a deprived childhood, your vigour, focus, and hard work have given birth to an international star in the creative industry,” he said.

Riggy G also revealed that he likes supporting content creators and he was there to show support and meet young people terming it very refreshing to interact the youths .

He Jokingly added that he also needed a gate away from all the hard work and just unwind by socializing with the youths.

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