Nairobi County Woman Representative Esther Passaris is on fire following her advice to the Government on how to deal with corruption and corrupt leaders.

In her remarks,  Passaris advised the Government to reward any citizen who exposes a corrupt public officer with direct state job.

“The Government should reward any person who exposes corrupt individuals with direct employment. That’s the way to deal with corruption in recruitment or placement,” Esther Passaris.

This did not sit well with netizens who have criticized her. They say there is a better way to deal with the menace than her ideology.

In disagreement with her, Elvis Mvoi commented on X telling her that people don’t want government rewards instead lawful actions taken.

“Good morning @EstherPassaris? We don’t need employment or tenders from the government as a reward for exposing corrupt leaders. We want the government to suspend the corrupt individuals and ensure they resign, prohibiting them from working in any government institutions.” Elvis Mvoi.

In response to this, Passaris defended her stand assuring that action will follow after the exposure.

“This evil needs to be uprooted from both sides. The desperate Kenyan seeking a job and the unscrupulous civil servant who exploits the vulnerabilities of the job seeker who knows he is one of thousands willing to pay. Set them up,” she said

The politician advises that those who want bribes to offer government services that should be given free should be spotted and be taken out from the society.

She added that it’s a collective effort from the public and the government to ensure that happens.

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