In an address at Nyahururu ACK  where he had attended a church service, President William Ruto commended the youth of Kenya for their proactive stance in national matters, following their recent protests against the Finance Bill 2024.

Ruto expressed his admiration for their engagement and commitment to the nation’s democratic principles.

“Mimi nataka niwaambie hawa vijana wetu. Mimi nawapongeza kwa kujitokeza na kujishughulisha na mambo ya taifa lenu la Kenya,” Ruto said.

“They have done a democratic duty to stand and be recognized.”He added.

President Ruto mentioned the importance of the youth’s involvement in the nation’s development and pledged to engage them in meaningful dialogue.

“They have stepped forward tribeless, they have stepped forward peaceful, and I want to tell them, we are going to have a conversation with you so that we can identify your issues and we can work together as a nation,” he declared.

In addition, President Ruto announced a significant enhancement in the national budget.

“In this year’s budget I have enhanced the budget going to the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) to increase by Ksh 10 billion so that young people can get bursaries and young people can build ICT hubs so that young people can get jobs,” he revealed.

The protests, primarily driven by the generation dubbed “Gen Zs,” have garnered national attention. The young protestors have expressed their dissatisfaction with the Finance Bill 2024, which imposes unfair economic burden on Kenyans who are already struggling to make ends meet.

President Ruto’s acknowledgment of the youth’s efforts and his commitment to addressing their concerns was met with a lot of criticism many urging him to drop the finance bill 2024.

“No talking this time enough of the talking that’s what you told Raila no more talks drop the bill.”

Others wanted justice for the fallen Gen Zs Rex and Evans who died while protesting against the controversial finance bill.

” Talk about the death of the Gen Zs who are dead because of you Ruto. We don’t need any conversation yooh.”

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