Four police officers suspected on stealing Ksh 2.2 M from a school accountant’s car in Utawala on Monday have been arrested and are being detained by DCI in Nairobi.

The four, among them a police sergeant, a corporal, and two constables from Kasarani Police Station and Ruai Police Station, were apprehended in the parking yard of Kasarani Police Station.

“They identified as Sgt Antony Ndegwa Anwal, Cpl Daniel Lekakeny Sunkuli, PC Simon Macharia Maina (of DCI Kasarani), PC Antony Mwenda (KPS Ruai), Lukas Magwaga and Young Wakise,” said DCI.

The suspects allegedly followed the accountant from a bank in Utawala broke into his car, and took the money which was intended to settle salary arrears for casual laborers at Rophine International School.

“A total of Sh473,000 believed to be part of the stolen amount was also recovered from the six, who were ambushed in the station’s official police vehicle.” DCI added.

The accountant had entered the school with a portion of the money, and upon his return to collect the rest, he found his car had been broken into.

The arrest was made after a thorough investigation, which included reviewing CCTV footage from the area where the incident occurred. Kinoti also confirmed that the suspects will be arraigned in court to face charges of robbery with violence.

This incident has raised concerns about the involvement of police officers in criminal activities and the security of public funds. The DCI assured the public that they are committed to rooting out such criminal elements within the police service and ensuring justice is served.

Meanwhile, efforts are ongoing to recover the stolen money and ensure that the school can fulfill its financial obligations to its employees.















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