In a dramatic twist to the breakup rumors, Tanzanian musicians and lovers Diamond Platnumz and Zuchu were seen enjoying in themselves in Dubai dismissing any doubts about their relationship status.

The couple had fans unsettled when Zuchu  revealed that she had ended things with Diamond because of disrespect.

“Mapenzi ni heshima kwa bahati mbaya sana hicho kimekosekana kwetu… as for him bado tuna kazi za pamoja I wish him and his family the absolute best,” she wrote on Instagram earlier this year.

Diamond, on the other hand, affirmed that he had really been dumped.

“Yamenidondokea….hivyo nahitaji sana Maombi Yenu, Huruma na Ukaribu wenu kipindi hiki cha Ujane wangu, ili walau kupata nguvu na faraja kwenye Kipindi Hiki Kigumu,” he said,  expressing his need for prayers and support during  his period of hardship.



The recent scenes of joy as the couple shared happy pictures and videos from their Dubai trip, have however proved that their love stood the test of time. The pair was seen driving through the desert sands. While in the vehicle Zuchu said the following to show her discomfort,

“Babe waambie turudi. I am not enjoying this,” to which Diamond responded, “Mimi naskia kuendelea,” indicating his desire to continue the ride. And then he laughed at her.


The desert adventure appears to have been a moment of reconnection and fun for both Diamond and Zuchu.

“Watu wako Biz. Kuna wale wanangoja Break up,” Chris Kirwa was among the many who reacted to the couple’s loved up adventure.

Diamond and Zuchu relationship has always had many followers with every move and message analyzed . The Dubai trip showed the couple’s ability to overcome challenges and enjoy life together while adding yet another chapter to their much-followed love story.

Diamond and Zuchu’s  personal lives remain a focal point for many. The Dubai trip not only tells the about the couples reunion but also keeps fans guessing about the next turn in their romantic journey.


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