Televangelist Pastor James Nganga bashes Nyali Mp Mohammed Ali for voting yes the finance bill 2024.he shamed him for once being an investigative journalist by now taking bribes.

On a recent video,speaking during a service,Nganga called out Nyali mp by shaming him for once being an investigative journalist on Jicho Pevu and now taking bribes to vote yes for finance bill.

“Wewe jicho pevu ona jicho pevu utuelezee hivi mmenunuliwa mmepewa pesa ngapi acha kuleta sarakasi,utuelezee mmepewa ngapi,mmelipwa ngapi”Nganga said


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Mohamed Ali,populary known as Moha Jich Pevu was an investigative journalist before joining politics in 2017.

He is a current member of parliament for Nyali Constituency in Mombasa county, elected under an UDA ticket in the 2022 elections. He first contested for the seat in 2017 as an independent candidate and won.

Nganga opposed the finance bill and vowed to join street protests against the bill. He announced his participation in the protest on Sunday 23rd June during the service.

Nganga declared the anti riot police officers to lob tear gas at him on Tuesday.

“I will attend the next demonstrations. When is it? I will just come with teargas you lob at me”, the preacher said.

Kenyans turned to social media with a campaign dubbed#RejectFinanceBill2024,to urge the MPs to withdraw the bill from parliament, arguing that it will put people through more economic hardship due to needles included taxes.

Majority of Kenyans expressed their displeasure and frustration about new taxes, which acknowledge receiving over 3000 messages and many calls.

Kenyans started texting and calling a group of MPs whose contact information is now available to the public,encouraging them to oppose the bill.

Most of the members had resorted to switching off their phones or blocking all numbers after receiving several calls since the finance bill was opposed.

The over debated finance bill forms part of the strategies by the government to meet its 3.9 trillion revenue target.

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