Oga Obinna has announced that the Men’s Mental Health awareness walk, that had been scheduled for this Saturday, has been postponed.

In a post on his Instagram account, the comedian said the decision was arrived at due to unavoidable circumstances.

Obinna acknowledged the situation in the country thus having a large crowd of men may be mistaken for mobilization of protesters. He also informed his following that the venue wasn’t in good shape to hold a gathering due to the vandalism that took place on Tuesday.

“The Men’s mental health walk planned for Saturday June 29 has been postponed to a later date due unavoidable circumstances.
1.Venue vandalism ( Uhuru park), 2.unsafe to hold a gathering of men(police might think it’s a demo and people might be hurt ) 3.Difficult to walk around CBD with men ( other parties might decide to use this to execute other agendas). Thank you for your support and understanding. Next date and venue to be communicated soonest,” Obinna said.

“We stand with githuria,we stand with rongai and Kenya it shall be well,” he further wrote.

Obinna acknowledged that the mental health of men is frequently neglected due to traditional gender roles that restrict the expression of emotions thus his main reason behind the men’s mental health walk.

The Kenyan media personality has been at the forefront of helping those battling mental health cases – one of them being, former Citizen TV journalist Kimani Mbugua.

Obinna, who committed to supporting Kimani Mbugua even after their differences, has been seen taking the journalist to Mathare Mental Hospital and then later to a Rehab in Mombasa.

He also ensured that money contributed by fans was equally distributed and also initiated a program that will see other mentally unhealthy individuals get help.

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