Content creator Oga Obinna has taken to his Instagram account to express gratitude for the protests in the country against the Finance Bill 2024.

The father of four, in a lengthy video, described  the event that took place and said he could not take part as he was busy with duties.

“So, this one is a thank you note. We’ve been seeing the protest that has been happening for the last couple of days and everybody apart from those MPs that decided to betray us; we are against the finance bill because it’s gonna affect us badly,” he stated.

“I wanna say thank you very much to our foot soldiers..most of them being Gen Zs…but thank you very much…,”

“We have other people who are supporting it, which is okay…. You are entitled to whatever tickle your fancy. If you feel like it’s making sense to you, if you feel like it doesn’t affect you… but if you feel it affects you, you know what to do, what to say, what to post.”

Oga Obinna admitted that the police are facing a tuff challenge to deal with the young protestors saying they were not trained on that.

“However, there is something I’ve noticed…the police are so stressed,.. in the police training in Kiganjo they were not trained to handle Gen Zs , so they were not ready.. these people are enjoying the demonstrations…,” he added.

Obinna also mentioned that the police are not tuff to protestors as it usually happens during other demonstrations. He admitted that most police are not physically abusive to the young protestors.

He also acknowledged that there are some people with the intentions of disrupting the peaceful demonstration and that they will deal with them.

The content creator condemned that act of police throwing teargas and to demonstrators as there was no violence or vandalism of properties.

Young public have been protesting the Finance Bill 2024 holding demonstrations on Tuesday 18 and Thursday 20, 2024. They that the protest has to continue until their voices are heard and action be taken.

Obinna promised to be on ground to take part in the demonstration if is to be held again apologising for missing the previous demos.


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