NTV News anchor Olive Burrows hosted her last news show at NTV on Wednesday night after 6 years.

During the show, she received heartfelt messages from her colleagues who say that they would dearly miss her presence at the media house. They however wished her all the best as she embarks on her new assignment.

“A great colleague, one that I would truly treasure You laughter in the office has absolutely been unique. Wherever you are going all the best but the sky is just  the start,” one of the NMG staffers said in a video message.

Another colleague told her that, “It has been great working with you for the last two years. You are a great professional and I know wherever you are going, you are going to exude the same professionalism that you have exuded in the past several years working at Nation Media Group.”

“It has been real, we appreciate your talent and the time you have been here. I have so many friends who would say they liked watching you on TV. You illuminate there screens  and I know you are going to do the same wherever you are going,” said another while Dan Mwangi said, “Thank you for being a good friend, a fantastic colleague, amazing journalist, go, grow, glow.”

On her side, Burrows told her colleagues that it was not definitely a goodbye as they would see each other later.

“It is see you later. You guys have been working your damnedest to have me cry today, I will wait for it to start raining then I will blame it on the sound. I love you guys so much, it has been an absolute privileged working here at the Nation Media Group for the last 6 years. They took a chance on me, it has paid off more than just career-wise but the friendship, we are in it together,” she said.

Burrows is reportedly heading to Citizen TV to replace Victoria Rubadiri who joined CNN recently.

Burrows has achieved many things in her career, including the only Kenyan journalist who has interviewed former US President Barrack Obama

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