Kanze Dena

Lately, social media has been filled with rumours that former statehouse spokesperson Kanze Dena was dying of cancer.

According to the rumours, Kanze Dena was allegedly suffering from throat cancer and was at the fourth stage. The basis of the rumour is not clear but the former journalist has come out to set the record straight about her health.

In an Instagram post, Kanze Dena said that she was not exiting life any time soon.

She also declared that no plaguer shall befall her and further condemned those responsible for the false rumor.

“Life na good oh!. Not EXITING this race called LIFE anytime soon. Fixing my eye on Jesus the Author and finisher of my life. I stand and declare God’s word that He shall honor me and Satisfy me with long life. No evil shall befall me, neither shall any plague come near my dwelling. I shall live to declare the works of the Lord in the land of the leaving.

“GOD I thank you for your word for it shall not go out and return void. I am confident of this Every tongue that raises itself against me in judgement is condemned. This is my heritage. I AM THE APPLE OF GOD’S EYE!” Kanze Dena wrote.

The assurance has served as a sign of relief to her followers and below are some of their comments.

Mary Mulinge: Phew ukijua vile nimefurahi kuona hii post!

Joyce Gituro: Child of God, ignore them! You’re covered by the blood of the most high

Mwaura Eunice: I knew it’s fake news en the way people en even respected people can post something they’re not sure of! blessings Kanze u r God’s gal indeed


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