In the recent video featuring former Citizen TV Journalist Kimani Mbugua, who is suffering from the effects of drug abuse, Obinna voiced his support for the boy child above all the ridicule and mockery.

While many on social media platforms laughed and shared Kimani’s videos for views and likes, Obinna chose a different path one of advocacy and support.

Obinna, a well known public figure, took to social media to express his concern and initiate a movement advocating for the often overlooked boy child.

“Nobody cares about the boy child, but I will be the first one,” Obinna declared.

He pointed out the biasness in the support systems, noting that while numerous agencies are dedicated to the welfare of the girl child, the boy child is frequently neglected.

Obinna stressed the importance of balance in society, stating that without a man in the society, the society will be low.

“This imbalance can lead to chaos, with one gender being significantly more empowered than the other,” the father of four said.

His call to action shows the need for equal support and empowerment for both boys and girls to foster a harmonious and balanced society.

When asked about his decision to record his efforts to help Kimani, Obinna provided two compelling reasons: Accountability and creating awareness.

“People need to know where the money they are contributing is going,” he explained. “For awareness,” he continued, emphasizing that publicizing such cases can help others who may be suffering in the same case as Kimani.

“When you talk about it. It makes you talk about it. It makes them talk about it,” he added, to show the importance of conversations that can lead to broader societal change.

In addition, Obinna also addressed the issue of gender based violence and mental health awareness. He spoke of a troubling double standard in societal perceptions of domestic violence.

” Si mwanaume tu kupiga Dem but pia Dem kupiga mwanaume. When a man beats up a woman, it is very offensive, but when the case is opposite, people will laugh at the man beaten by a woman,” the comedian turned show host said.

His comments reflects a broader need to address biases that undermine the seriousness of violence against men.

Obinna’s initiative has shed light on the struggles of the boy child and advocating for a more balanced and supportive society.

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