Miracle Baby

Peter Mwangi, popularly known by his stage name Miracle Baby, has made a significant life transition by announcing that he is now a pastor.

In a video shared online, The Mugithi singer declared, “My good names are Pastor Peter Mwangi ama Miracle Baby as you know me.” This proclamation marks a new chapter for the former gengetone artist, who has chosen to dedicate his life to spiritual guidance and ministry.

In the emotional video, Mwangi offered a heartfelt thanksgiving prayer, expressing his gratitude to God for the grace and blessings he has received.

Following his prayer, he revealed, “Yes, nimekuwa approved pastor na Apostle John Paul. I was given this holding a cross symbol of his necklace.”

He confession about his new calling by stating, “Wakati wowote nataka kuongea mambo ya Mungu nikuwe tunamtumikia Mungu tukiwa pamoja.” He said this suggesting that he always wants to talk about God’s Word and serve God.

In a separate post, he vowed to serve God to the end of the world.

“Thank you Apostle John Paul kwa kunisalimu na mafuta nitamtumikia Mungu hadi mwisho wa dunia,” he wrote

The announcement has lead to a mixed reactions from the public. A supporter named Ogola remarked,

“Sometimes our nicknames define our destiny. God has saved Peter from the shackles of death. Indeed, he is a miracle baby.”

In contrast, another comment from someone else expressed the opposite, “Another way to get back to fame hakuna pastor hapo, they do everything for clout.”

Miracle Baby rose to fame as a member of the gengetone music scene, a genre that evolved from the early 2000s Genge-rap style.

He gained popularity with hits such as “Slay Queen,” “Ni Tuinuke,” and “Ona Ndakua.” His decision to become a pastor marks a significant shift from his previous lifestyle and career in music.

Whether he is met with support or skepticism, Miracle Baby’s transformation reflects a personal conviction and a desire to influence others through faith and spirituality.

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