Former State House Spokesperson Kanze Dena voiced her struggles achieving her New Year resolutions as she wished her fans a happy new month.

Glancing at her own New Year’s resolutions and what she’s accomplished thus far, Kanze chuckles at herself.

She said that the year is halfway through and that time has truly flown by.

”Yo! It’s Already mid year!! Ngai how time has flown. Ngai baba!!” she began

She also questioned if the resolutions she had made for the new year were her own.

”Haki hizi resolutions sijui zilikuwa zangu ama!? 🤣🤣🤣 nimejicheka kabisaaaa. .TUKO WANGAPI? tu patane wapi wale tuliwing it.” she added jokingly.


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In the end, Kanze Dena prayed for her followers and thanked God for all of her blessings, including mercy, grace, and favor.

Even then am grateful for God’s Mercy ,Grace and Favour. God teach me number of my days oh! That I may gain a heart of wisdom. ( Psalms 90:12)

May I stand perfect and complete in all the will of God.(Colosians 4:12) Father May your will be done in my life as it is in even. (Matthew 6:10) Because oh this my heart has made plans many of them but Father direct my steps oh!.

She ended her post by saying she does not want to belong among the people who are winging it in the remaining part of the year.

In addition, Kanze granted her followers permission to adopt, alter, and share the prayer as they publicly declare it in their lives in hopes of having a peaceful second half of the year.

Kanze recently went on the internet to debunk the false rumor that circulated on Twitter that she was suffering from throat cancer.

She stressed that her life was great and that the story was false. She also spent some time singing praises to God for his goodness and provision.

“Life na good oh! Not exiting this race called life anytime soon! Fixing my eye on Jesus the Author and finisher of my life. I stand and declare God’s word that He shall honor me and Satisfy me with long life,” she declared.

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