In an interview with Oga Obinna, Nanny Rosie shared her story on her experiences while living in Lebanon as a house manager and why she decided to leave the job for good just last month.

Regarding how she started interacting with the children of her employer, Rosie stated that at first she was not allowed because of a Filipino house manager,who was very strict and was in charge of the minors. She assumed that her supervisors saw her ability to engage with people in general and decided it would be best to assign her to the role.

She went on to say that the Filipino manager, was racist, and that her employers fired her and assigned Rosie responsibility for the children once they discovered the she was mistreating her colleagues. While working in Lebanon, she formed a lifelong bond with the family she looked for, especially the kids.

The recent announcement of Rosie’s permanent return to Kenya elicited a range of responses. There were rumours that her Lebanese employers were sending her back after having had enough of her.

Rosie clarified that, saying that she left Lebanon permanently since she could no longer find serenity at work because her children felt abandoned and as thought she had a new family there.

With tears in her eyes, she continued, saying that she wanted to be there for her children, especially her 14-year-old daughter, whom she became pregnant with at the same age.

“I broke the news, I am going back home,” she said. According to her her employers questioned why she had arrived the decision and whether they had wronged her in any manner.

“I know as much as nataka pesa, but as single parent, it is the most difficult thing to deal with, you want to advise your child, she is turning the age where she wants to understand how things happen. Me growing up as a teenager who had no one to advice, I ended up pregnant at 14. Those things disturbed me,” she said adding that she was afraid that her daughter would fall into a similar trap when she was still in the Gulf.

“I love them(Maria and Cataleya) because they are used to me but my kids want because am their mother, they have been traumatised when my marriage broke and their mother left. You want money but the kids are suffering as well mentally. By the time I finish another two years and come back, I wouldn’t be able to manage their mental health,” she  further explained.

Weighing the options, Rosie said that she preferred to return home, and have her own piece of mind.

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