Kenyan musician David Mathenge, popularly known as Nameless has discussed techniques he uses to raise his children in this social media age where there is a lot of negativity.

The father of three daughters revealed in a recent interview that he is more protective of his family.

He said he always have free discussions with his kids about online negativity and other challenges they are likely to face on social media.

“As a public figure, I’m very protective of my family,” Nameless admitted. “We have open conversations with our kids about online negativity and the fact that not everyone will be supportive.”

The musician highlighted the importance of preparing the children for what awaits them on social media. He says that children should understand notions like hate and criticism because not everyone likes his success.

“We coach them to understand concepts like hate and criticism. They know that even with my success, there will be negativity,” shared the celebrity father.

Nameless admits to controlling his children’s access to social media saying that the monitoring is for their own good. He adds that they explain the reason for managing the accounts to their children.

“For now, their accounts are on our phones. We monitor their activity and help them navigate online interactions. This monitoring is for their own good, and we explain that to them,” he clarifies.

As a father and musician, Nameless views parenting as a form of coaching. He likens taking care of children to preparing for a stage performance.

“Just like preparing for a performance, we prepare them for both positive and negative experiences online. This helps them develop resilience.”

Nameless further encourages other parents to follow his tracks in parenting rather than offering protective measures.

“Equip your children to handle criticism. Overprotecting them can hinder their ability to navigate challenges later in life,” he advised.

The ability of children to handling online negativity is by openly discussing with them the challenges and helping them overcome them.

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