Nameless, has voiced a strong criticism of the police for using excessive force during the anti-government protests that went on for three weeks

The beloved figure in the music scene, expressed deep concern over the treatment of protesters, emphasizing that the police need to recognize that this fight also represents their interests.

“For me, the police are people, so they need to know that this fight is for them as well,” he said. “They have children. They should be there to keep protesters safe, not to use excess force.”

These demonstrations are led by young people who are referred to as Gen Zs, this is after they felt that they are frustrated with the government’s policies and manipulated by the lies and the fake promises.

These protests have dealt with a heavy-handed response from the police who are now helped by the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) following the Parliament’s agreement for their deployment.

Nameless revealed the deep-felt  pain driving these protests, acknowledging the people’s pain from generation to the next that have fueled public anger.

“They need to also understand that this is coming from a very painful place. People have been in pain for many, many generations. This is where it has reached a point where guys are just angry,” he explained. “So they need to understand that anger, where it is coming from, and not use excess force.”

In addition, Nameless expressed his hope that the majority of police officers understand the situation, despite a few tarnishing the reputation of the force.

“I feel most of them know that. There are just a few that are spoiling the name for the rest. And I know some of them are Gen Zs, I see them on TikTok.The law enforcers should keep in mind that they are Kenyans like us,” he said.

Nameless is celebrated musician behind hits like “Feeling,” “Inspire,” and “Deep.”

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