Renown Media personality and entrepreneur Betty Kyallo has shared her experience of dating a younger man.

The  35-year old admitted that with her age, it wasn’t easy to be in a romantic relationship with a younger man, whom nowadays hjave been nicknamed Ben 10s.

“When they are younger and way too cool, ladies it’s not easy,” the 35-year old said. “BruuH…nahema.”

Her remarks were accompanied by her video and her man, who was jamming to a hip hop song. Betty however only captured herself with her facial expression indicating that she was confused or rather surprised with the song and how her man could sing it word by word, and by the fact that she could keep up with it.

Her comments section was buzzing with all manner of reactions, with singer Wahu only saying, ” Bettyyyyyyy!!1″ together with laughing emoticons.

Responding to the musician, Betty laughed as well, saying, “Naomba mniombee.”

Another of Betty’s fan said that she thought she was only one who was struggling with dating a younger man, admitting that they however provide love the most. Replying to the comment, Betty said,  ” Aki for real. Hakuna ati ya ‘I have a meeting’ na pia wanalipa bill.”

In a separate comment, a netizen said that the young man need to be rescued but Betty told her that he is fine.

In yet another comment, a netizen claimed, “You old people be needing people you can dominate then land a younger personality with no stand of their own. You win.”

Betty however told him off saying, ” Huyu ako na pesa . I am submissive. Tafuta pesa this mentality  will change.”

The mother and her man, who is from Western Kenya, have been in a relationship for about 8 month. She however only shares his legs and hands, leaving her followers curious about his looks.

Betty said that she is the one who is in the limelight and not him, hence the decision to keep him private.

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