In a surprising turn of events, Pastor James Ng’ang’a has announced his consideration to join the ongoing protests against the controversial finance bill, a movement primarily led by the younger generation, commonly referred to as Gen Z.

During a recent church service, Pastor Ng’ang’a of Neno Evangelism church expressed his thoughts on the matter, revealing his intention to participate actively in the demonstrations.

“Nafikiri hyo maandamano ingine hata mimi ntakuwapo niya lini? Ni ya Tuesday ama Kesho?” he asked, to show his willingness to stand in solidarity with the protesters.

The pastor emphasized that he would join the protests as an ordinary citizen rather than in his religious capacity and speak to express himself as other Kenyans who are protesting.

“Nitaenda hata pia mimi I can speak also as mwanainchi naacha pastor hapa,” he said, indicating his readiness to voice his concerns alongside the demonstrators dubbed the Gen Zs

Pastor Ng’ang’a’s potential involvement in the protests will garner significant attention, given his prominent status within the religious community.

He further urged the police to treat him as they would any other protester, calling on them to use tear gas against him if necessary.

“Sasa mje na tear gas mnipige,” he stated boldly, adding, “Mtaniona huko na subulia.”

The pastor’s remarks have lead a lot of reactions, with many praising his courage to stand with the protestors.

” Yes we need pastors, reverends, bishops all the church to be on the streets on Tuesday.”

Another person said,

” Kwanza walimwibia shamba, join us commander…wanatumalisa.”

The finance bill has been a contentious issue, drawing criticism from many kenyans due to its perceived impact on the country’s economy and the burden it places on the average citizen.

While the protests continue to gain momentum, many people’s eyes will be on Pastor Ng’ang’a to see if he follows through with his declaration and joins those opposing the bill.

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