Wasafi presenter Diva the Bawse has opened up about her past relationship with renown Bongo singer Ali Kiba.

In a recent interview with a Tanzanian digital media, Diva revealed that she dated Ali Kiba secretly for many years even before all the women he has had including his Kenyan wife Amina Khalef.

Diva said that their bond was strong such that when the relationship ended it was so ugly. She however admits that when Ali Kiba got married to Amina they were not together.

“I was with Ali Kiba before he got married. I was with him before all the women he was involved with. Our relationship was hidden – very secret. But when he got married, we were no longer together,” she revealed.

The radio presenter added that Ali Kiba proposed marriage to her but she wasn’t ready to settle down with him.

“I wasn’t thinking about marriage at the time. Yes, he asked me to marry him, but it never crossed my mind. I was young, I wasn’t ready to be a wife at that time,” she went on.


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However, when Amina filed for divorce at the Kadhi’s court in Mombasa in 2022, Ali Kiba and Diva rekindled their romance. Diva however pushed Ali Kiba away when she discovered that the divorce had not been finalised.

“When it was announced that there had been a separation and that they were no longer together, there was a reunion,” she said. “When I found out he hadn’t divorced the lady, I stepped aside. I told him, ‘Ali, we can’t do this’. Just to be clear, I have never been Alikiba’s sidechick at any time.”

Diva has since moved on from the relationship and is now married to another man. She maintains that she no longer has feelings for Ali Kiba.

“This is the drama that keeps happening to me. Whenever I tell someone that I don’t want this relationship anymore, that person will always attack me. He will beg me to stay and if I stand my ground, he will end up attacking me,” she further said.

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