Deputy government Spokesperson Mwanaisha Chidzuga has supported the government’s move to raise taxes for Kenyans in their proposed financial bill.

Mwanaisha said that the move is to push more people to pay taxes as those who pay it are the minority.

” The reason why the government right now is  trying to raise taxes is because the majority do not pay taxes. The tax burden is only on the minority,” she said.

She said that the government is not pushing its citizens to the wall but is encouraging Kenyans to work together.

” We are not pushing Kenyans to the wall, we understand that life is hard but in terms of tax revenue, we need to work together,” she added.


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Kenyans were not happy with her sentiments as the comment section were filled with angry sentiments.

Some expressed that she was looking for a salary through the taxes, others asked why the government seems to know that Kenyans are suffering but choose to do nothing about it.

”Yaani wanajua shida lakini hawataki kutatua. Expand tax base without burdening the minority. Simple” one expressed.

Another complained, ” we can’t pay taxes ju hatuna jobs huyu ni nini inamfanya”

Mwanaisha has today sparked uproar among Kenyans with her sentiments about taxes and earlier on about the government’s decision in taking the police force to Haiti.

She expressed that the Kenyan government had been called to restore peace in Haiti and would receive money from it that would be used to grow the country.

”We have been called to restore peace in Haiti and it is not for free. Kenya will receive money from the exercise and it will be used to grow our country,” she said.


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Some section of  Kenyans wanted her to be silent as they believe she would not approve her own husband being sent off to Haiti.

Others criticized her sentiments claiming that the government has done nothing to improve the economy with the taxes they collect.

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