Belgut MP Nelson Koech now claims the protests and pressure on President Ruto to dissolve the Cabinet are political.

The National Assembly Security Committee chair claimed that the protests, which have continued despite the withdrawal of the finance bill, had been planned way back before it was tabled in parliament.

Speaking at a local vernacular station, he said President Rutto is on course to address the high cost of living, questioning why protests were not witnessed during the Jubilee administration yet the cost of living was higher.

“The protests we see had nothing to do with the Finance Bill. This is clear because despite the withdrawal of the bill, the demonstrations are going on. Now we see the likes of Kalonzo Musyoka, Eugene Wamalwa and others singing Ruto Must Go. Are they Gen Zs?,” he posed.

Koech claimed the recent raid on parliament was an attempted coup, akin the one that was witnessed in 1982 during late President Daniel Moi’s era.

The Intelligence departmental committee Chair defended the passage of a motion allowing the deployment of Kenya Defense Forces to maintain peace, saying the constitution allows for such in cases of emergencies.

“The attack on parliament is an attempted coup similar to the one witnessed in 1982. The protests have turned violent and caused tension in the country and as a committee, we had no option but to pass a motion allowing the Deployment of KDF to support the police,” he said, adding that “The constitution allows KDF to intervene in cases of emergency,”.

The pressure to ban state officers from participating in fundraising, he claimed, only targeted MPs from one region, noting the move will disorient many Kenyans from humble backgrounds.

Koech further urged Kenyans to fully support the President, noting that the signing of the IEBC Amendment bill today is among the issues he promised to fulfil within 10 days during his recent engagement with Gen Zs

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