Kenyan YouTuber, content creator, and social media influencer,Moureen Ngigi has recounted online criticism she received after giving birth via C-section.

While featuring on Love In The World, a reality TV show by Size 8 and her husband, the 21 year old could not hold back her tears, as she shared some of the mean comments she received after her husband Commentator posted her first photo after leaving the hospital.

“Kwani ako na ball ingine,kwani hujazaa?Moureen recounted, adding that some thought she was less a mother because she did not go through labour pains.

Moureen revealed that she was forced to undergo CS so save the life of her child.

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Moureen is a first-time mother who, along with her husband Commentator, gave birth to a baby boy on March 13th, 2024.

She frequently posted pictures of her growing baby bump on her Instagram profile, so her pregnancy was well publicized.

The 21 year old content focuses on her lifestyle and family; she is also active on other social media platforms such as Instagram and Tiktok.

In 2022, she started her YouTube career. Although Moureen has always desired to be an actress, she has not yet gotten the chance.

She was invited to KMTC to study mental health and psychiatry after high school, but she was unable to attend.

In 2022,she met Commentator, her spouse and boyfriend who introduced her to the world of content creation. In October of the same year, she launched her debut video.

Commentator is a well-known digital journalist with over 3,00,000 YouTube subscribers.

On a previous interview, commentator disclosed that Moureen initiated contact with him after reaching 100,000 subscribers on YouTube, which is when their dialogue started.

Commentator said that he was immediately drawn to Moureen’s beauty. He openly replied to her message, telling her how gorgeous he found her to be.

She became famous after her boyfriend introduced her to the public.She began by sharing her typical day. She started posting more intimate videos about parenthood, travel, and fashion as her channel gained popularity.

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