Controversial TikToker Nyako Pilot has revealed that she will be vying for a political seat in the 2027 general elections.

During a live session on TikTok, Nyako said that she will win elections because she has a good heart.

Nyako did not delve into details on the exact constituency or county she will be vying in but she said that she is likely to vie on ODM ticket.

“By the way, I am coming back to Kenya very soon, nitasimama watu watanichagua roho safi because I have a giving heart. Hio parliament mnaringia nayo watu hapa TikTok nitaingia liwe liwalo hata kama ni chama ya Baba nitaingia nayo tupatane huko masaa ya mbele,” Nyako said.

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She further said that she wants Babu Owino to develop a strategy for her political ambitions. Nyako also said that she could be friends with Mike Sonko, who she said he has a big heart.

“Ambieni Babu Owino I am looking for him. I want Babu Owino to strategizing for me how I will enter parliament 2027 if I will be alive. I want Babu Owino…Hebu mnitafutie Babu Owino ndio muone niko serious, Babu Owino, Sonko, Sonko we can be friends because he has a big heart he is a giver I will be friends with people who give to the society. Iko nini,” she said.

Nyako expressed her political interests after an altercation with a certain politician whom she claimed was mean. According to her, the honorable MP was gossiping about her online saying that he regrets meeting her. The politician had promised immense support to Nyako during her recent trip in Kenyan but he did not fulfill his promise.

“I also regret meeting you. I didn’t know you are that mean. Sikujua wewe ni mwanamme hutoboki. You promised me 20 tickets  I am still waiting for those 20 tickets to date. You are such a young man who should be having a giving heart. Hata hizo projects nilikuwa nafanya Kenya ungeniambia Nyako chukua hii 20 million chafua nayo streets. For you to come and gossip about me here, telling Chinedu that I even involved your wife and kids which is not true, I told people what happened, you didn’t pay a dime for the security which you said you will take care of,” she said.

Nyako added that the politician only picked her at the airport, during her recent Kenyan tour, and she could have done that herself.


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