Karen Nyamu has shared why she is always getting trolled on social media.

Speaking an interview recently, the mother of three said she gets trolled because she’s shinning and she has a lot to irritate the trolls. This includes a successful career, family among others such as getting involved with a man who already had a family.

“Kitu mzuri hio ni lazima. Wakati hawanitroll ndio inafaa ushangae, huyu mtu ambaye ako kwa limelight, ako na kazi kubwa,ni mrembo, mbona hatroliwi? Hapo ndiyo inafaa ujiulize swali, lakini nikitrolliwa hio ni kawaida kwa space yangu,” she Nyamu said.

Karen Nyamu started her career as a paralegal, where she worked under several distinguished lawyers.

She rose through the ranks over time and eventually was admitted to the High Court of Nairobi as an attorney.

Nyamu entered the political sphere in 2013 when she ran for Nairobi County’s Member of the County Assembly (MCA) post.

She won the election running on The National Alliance’s ticket. Nyamu was given the responsibility of chairing the Nairobi County Assembly’s Committee on Social Services and Education while serving as an MCA.

Karen Nyamu entered the political sphere again in 2017 as she ran for Nairobi County’s Woman Representative.

In a previous interview, she gave an insight into her views on polygamy, claiming that certain men should not be restricted to a monogamous relationship. She was in support of polygamy and that males shouldn’t be limited to just one woman.

Regarding her relationship with Mugithi artist Samidoh, she acknowledged that their path has been difficult at times, including moments when they have unfollowed one another on social media.

When Samidoh launched his foundation at Parklands Sports Club, Karen Nyamu took the lead in organizing MPs to donate money for him.

In October last year, Karen defended her relationship with the married artist that surrounded criticism.

The couple, who have two children together, have faced a great deal of public scrutiny, particularly since Samidoh’s wife moved to the US with their three children.

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