A political activist who tweets about his views on democracy, justice, and human rights Dr. Miguna Miguna asks for peaceful demonstrations from patriots.

Writing on his Twitter account, Miguna urges Gen Zs and Millennials to conduct non-violent protests whenever they go to the streets.

“Patriots, Gen Zs, and Millennials, don’t allow anyone to steal or loot during or after peaceful protests. Revolutionaries must not behave like the thieves we are disciplining and removing from power,” Miguna urged.

The ‘General’ adds that protestors should never allow thieves and looters within themselves as anarchists must always be disciplined.

However, the author cautioned the demonstrators of eating food found already prepared as they did in Parliament. He says the food might be poisoned and therefore they should vigilant.

“And please, don’t eat anything they have prepared because they can lace them with poison. Let’s maintain discipline, focus and fearlessness,” he cautioned.

Some of his followers were in agreement with his sentiments through their comments. They affirmed that the country belongs to people and not selected few.

“The power belongs to the people: Mr. Ruto Confirmed that….If you don’t follow the constitution and the rule of law…..Go Home.” One follower commented.

Another fan added that people should not involve themselves in destruction of properties during protests.

“This is what I’ve been saying all along. I support maandamano but I don’t support vandalism! let’s practice peaceful protest.”

Nevertheless, one follower warned the political activist of his stand towards the government saying it’s not the right one.

“I don’t think you are heading anywhere. Remember Ruto brought you back from forced exile. Your own Luo people rejected you even at your own home ground,” warned a fan.

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