The president of the Law Society of Kenya (LSK), Faith Odhiambo, has sharply condemned all three arms of government for not doing their job and taking accountability for the mass destruction caused during the protests.

Odhiambo sharply condemned the 13th Parliament, calling it weak un-independent, and incapable of doing its work without external interference.

She denounced the August House, claiming that it is readily swayed by orders from powerful government figures and severely corrupted.

Faith claims that recent events have demonstrated MPs accepting orders from outside and carrying them out dutifully.

“When they agreed on some of the concessions on the bill, it was done as a party and then announced in parliament. That is highly irresponsible showing there is no independence in parliament. We have MPs who take orders and execute,” she said.

She also went ahead and addressed the Head Of State, William Ruto and said that he should be worried if he has to rule over Kenyans with fear as that can only mean that people have no confidence in his leadership.

” Our Head of State should be worried because if you need to instil fear into your people to govern them, it means that there’s no confidence that the people have in you. And the resentment will only grow. You will not be able to bring back peace and reconciliation in your country,” she said

Additionally, she went off after the judicial system, led by Chief Justice Martha Koome and told them to shape up or ship out.

She believes that the Kenyan Judges are corrupt and irresponsible and warned that if the people lose faith in the Judiciary, they will go back to the streets.

She added that the Judicial system should not think that they won’t be held accountable as they will as soon as the people are done with the issues they have at the moment.

”We still have irresponsible and corrupt judges. That war on corruption is coming. They should not think that we are not coming for them. Let’s first deal with issues that we are having right now. CJ Martha Koome should either shape up or ship out because if people lose trust in the judiciary, they will go back to the streets.”

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