Actress Catherine Kamau alias Kate has been overwhelmed with emotions as her son, and firstborn, turns 18 years old.

Kate’s emotions ran high because of the recent happenings in the country where children have also been subjected to police brutality in the ongoing protests against the government, among other injustices

Kate expressed gratitude to God for seeing to it that her son attains the age, becoming a young adult.

“I am extremely emotional today. Happy 18th birthday my big baby. With everything that is happening around us, mothers losing their innocent son’s to police brutality and other injustices a black boy child is subjected to today’s society, I just want to hold you a little closer, with so much gratitude to God for getting you to this big age. We did it my boy, happy birthday my heart,” the actress said.

She further listed the things that she is praying for her son.

“Lord I’m praying for my son boy today. Thank you for giving him to me and the privilege of being his parent. I’ve got somethings in my heart and I’m bringing them these requests to you now. Thank you that you hear and answer prayer,” Kate stated.

Her prayer requests are that;

The Lord keeps her son safe from any physical, emotional and spiritual attacks.

Secondly, the actress is praying that the Lord helps her son in making wise choices.

Aside from that, she is requesting that her son becomes a man of character, having virtues such as honesty, kindness, generosity and unselfish.

“May he be trustworthy and resilient, be willing to work hard and ready to take responsibility for his decisions. Give him ability to see the best in people and circumstance and to find,  in the face of adversity,” Kate prayed.

She further prayed that her son is surrounded with good people and have the heart of the lord. Kate went on to commit her boy to the lord.

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