In light of the recent protests led by Gen Z against the Finance Bill 2024 and now the anti-government protest, Senator Paul Karungo has advised President William Ruto to utilize TikTok instead of X (formerly Twitter) to communicate with the Gen Zs to find a solution to their demands.

This advice comes after Gen Z protesters successfully led to the president withdrawal of the finance bill 2024 and are now demanding President Ruto’s resignation under the trending hashtags #RutoMustGo and #ZakayoAshuke, citing grievances related to government over taxation, lies and corruption.

President Ruto, in an effort to address the escalating discontent, scheduled an afternoon meeting on X for July 5, 2024, from 2 PM to 5 PM.

However, Senator Karungo expressed concerns about the effectiveness of using X to reach the intended audience who are the Gen Zs.

“When President Ruto is talking to Gen Zs, he must make sure he is talking to Gen Zs, and that’s why I advise him to shy away from the X space on Twitter,” Karungo stated.

“Because when you go to X space, you only hear voices; you don’t see anybody. We don’t know who is in there. We might be speaking to those who are always there and not the real Gen Zs.”

Karungo elaborated on his recommendation to use TikTok, a social media platform which is also widely popular and used among the younger generation.

“I am advising him kindly go to TikTok if you want to talk to Gen Zs. Learn how to say ‘tap’ ‘tap’ screen, guys. I want to talk to you. I want you to see me. I want us to talk to each other.”

His advice shows the importance of choosing the right communication channels to effectively engage with the young people.

It remains to be seen how President Ruto will respond to this suggestion and whether he will adapt his approach to connect with the young people on TikTok or will proceed to X.

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