They came out as independent, no political figure behind them and no political party funded their operations, although many insinuated that there was a political leader over seeing the demos against the Finance Bill 2024.

The protestors have created a whole movement by just believing in themselves and the power of social media where they constantly used various platforms to create awareness.

Mobilisation, coordination, and execution were facilitated effortlessly via mobile phones and social media. Hashtags flooded platforms alongside text and video messages opposing the controversial Finance Bill 2024.

Due to their spirit, various Celebrities including Khaligraph Jones and the Wakadinali have offered to provide free merchandise to protesters who will be showing up for demos this coming week.

Taking to his Instagram account khaligraph wrote, “Tuesday dress code,free merchandise tunaleta town hit me kama unataka.”

Wakadinali also offered some T-shirts as they condemned the death of Rex Kanyike.

“Rest in peace Rex this is so heartbreaking to lose a comrade in the hands of a police officer who’s supposed to protect Kenyans,” they wrote .


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Hanisa, one of the organisers of the march, told the Star she has been speaking out on many issues affecting the public, starting with the floods and management of public funds, and this saw well-wishers send her money to facilitate the protests.

The well-wishers, both local and those from abroad, sent her money to take care of the fares of protesters and T-shirts, placards and whistles.

Nairobi Senator Edwin Sifuna told the Star he was proud with the evolving political consciousness of Kenyans and the boldness of the young generation in fighting for their rights.

“I was extremely proud to be Kenyan yesterday. I honestly feel the consciousnesses of the country, particularly the young people, have been awakened in a significant way,” he said.

These demonstrations were focused, well-organized, youth-led, peaceful, and free from political affiliations



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