In a recent statement, Khalif Kairo has vehemently denied rumours that he was paid to change his stance regarding the recent anti-Finance bill 2024 protest.

Addressing these speculations, he provided a candid and detailed account of his experiences

When asked directly if he had been paid to alter his position, Kairo responded saying, “You know today I slept at 3am editing a YouTube video.”

“For heaven’s sake, kama ningekuwa nimelipwa, I swear sasa hivi ningekuwa Monaco with a red Ferrari with two Italian buddies. Coz you know we’ve seen bad things.”

His words clearly highlighted that he had not been bribed by anyone so as not to continue to protest.

To address doubts about his participation in the protest as some people claimed that the videos of him being washed by the GSU waters were fake, Kairo offered a vivid narration of the protests.

“Sijui kaa kuna mtu alimwagiwa na maji ya GSU hapa?” He began by asking before detailing the effects of the water used by the police authorities. He said that the water was itching and all his items were pink  this is due to the colours of the water used.

“You know, mimi all my items are pink, even the earphones, my power bank everything is just pink. And to this day, my car still smells of tear gas.” He then added,

“Cause that thing goes into places in your body I won’t mention and the only relief you can get is actually pouring water on yourself.”

Kairo’s statements paint a clear picture of his genuine involvement in the protest and the physical evidences of his experience.

Khalif Kairo is one of the influencers who went on the Frontline during the protest against the controversial finance bill 2024. Other celebrities who were present during the protests were Khaligrah Jones, King Kaka, Octopizo, Nyashinski among many others.

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