An ACK pastor has lost his life after he was caught pants down with a KDF officer’s wife.

The KDF officer attacked the pastor, identified  James Kemei after he busted him with his wife, who is a lay reader, at their home in Kapsabet.

Apparently, the officer, who is based in Moi Barracks, Eldoret,  received information that the pastor had been spending nights with his wife. He sneaked back at home without his wife’s knowledge, setting a trap for the lovers.

He is said to have hidden in the house and waited until the two went to bed, before attacking them.

According to the police, they received information from members of the public that there was a person seriously injured within Mother Fransisca Mission Hospital.

”At 10.20 hours we received information from a member of the public that there was a seriously injured person within Mother Fransisca hospital and his name is James Kemei.” the officer stated

“The person who attacked him was a KDF officer based at Moi Barracks in Eldoret and is called Stephen Kimeri. He was assaulted by a person known as Stephen Kimeri, who is believed to be a KDF officer based in Moi Barracks Eldoret,” he went on.

The police officer went ahead and stated that the reason behind the assault was because the pastor was found a cheating with the officer’s wife.

” It is believed Mr. Kimeri found Mr Kimei in his house in a compromising situation with his wife. The victim was taken to Kapsabet Hospital where he was later referred to Top Hill Hospital in Eldoret where he succumbed to his injuries.”



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”The victim had deep cuts in his head, and both legs were broken and his private parts were swollen so it is believed that they were pulled.” said the officer.

According to residents, the victim had been transferred and they were looking forward to celebrations of the transfer, which were to be done in church, only for them to receive such news.

They were also shocked by both the pastors and the officer’s wife’s actions as they sent their condolences to both families that were affected.

Some remarked that the KDF Officer was a very calm man who had no problems with anyone as they also felt ashamed of the preacher who did it.

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