Former Kiss100 radio host kamene Goro has publically shown her displeasure to content creator who re highlighted her past.

In the company of her husband DJ Bonez and fellow Dj ,DJ Kaytrix during a media brief of an upcoming project, Kamene was forced to once again talk about her body count sentiments.

Kamene who was uncomfortable with the question instead downed the question and called for respect from the content creator.

“Ah, guys, I cannot discuss such matters now. I kindly request that you accord me the respect of a married woman” She replied before teaching content creators how to conduct themselves on interviews.

”and it’s quite offensive for you to ask a question like that when my husband is sitting right next to me. Let’s not be those kinds of content creators,” Kamene added before walking out.

Coming to the defense of his wife DJ Bonez called out the lady who posed the body count question noting that it is wrong to ask people about their pasts highlighting its effects.

“Usiwahi chunguza past ya mtu. Maybe past yangu ni mbaya kuliko yake coz mimi ni DJ si mnajua…Nilikuwa mkware sana but si kila mtu na past yake, “The moment you listen to what people say, you won’t respect each other in your relationships,” he advised.

In 2019 Kamene Goro became the talk of town after revealing her body count was 27. This according to kamene cost her brand dearly.

”It was one pf the worst periods in my life .Not that I regret what I said but the backlash was huge. A lot of corporates dropped me and even my employer at the time NRG put me on an ice block . It was terrible just for sharing an honest fact.”

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