Kabi Wa Jesus

Creative Director & Content Creator Kabi Wa Jesus has released a song criticizing politicians who voted for the finance bill.

On a recent video on his Instagram page, with a caption under the video,Kabi wa Jesus wrote:

Kj amekua ridiculous apewe Photoshop ya brain cells! We are not afraid! Dropping the full song Today! Kesho tuko kwa streets, bado mapambano!!!

With an expressive face, MP John Kiarie argued that some photos used on social media to depict the Occupy Parliament demonstrations were not from Kenya.While attending a funeral service, the MP was heckled by mourners in a video that has since gone viral.

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Netizens on the comment section are shocked by the rap song released by Kabi Wa Jesus because they know him as a musician and not a rapper.

Miss trudy:Weh! We knew you could sing but we had no idea you can rap too! This one caught us by surprise! 👏👏👏

Kenyans associate the name Kabi Wa Jesus with a variety of professions, including YouTuber, comedian, and gospel musician who collaborated with Kaymo on the popular song “thitima.”

The stunning Milly Kabi is the spouse of the YouTuber. Their chemistry has made the two an internet phenomenon. Despite meeting almost ten years prior, the award-winning couple just began dating in 2014.

Kabi has exceptional photographic and videography skills. His primary focus is on the camera and filmmaking. On the other hand, Milly handles the business’s commercial side.

They both think it’s great to work together. According to Milly, the key is to combine their interests to create a fantastic business rather than to change them.

In addition, the couple runs a YouTube vlog with over 180k subscribers and 16 million channel views. The vlog continues to expand every day and doesn’t appear to be stopping anytime soon.

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