Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has criticized Charlene Ruto over her speech concerning the country’s ongoing protests and state affairs.

Sonko fearlessly shared his thoughts which he termed ‘facts and pieces of advice’ directed to President’s daughter on his X account.

“Madam Charlene, I have just seen this video online. I know guys in the government, fear telling you the truth and addressing you with facts,” he begun.

“Now that I have become a rebel and no longer loyal, let me share some facts and pieces of advice with you. Kindly just relax as your actions are just raising the political temperatures of the leaderless young people,” Sonko warned.

The former Nairobi boss revealed becoming a revolutionist and not loyal to the president anymore as he used to be in support of Kenya Kwanza party.

The businessman advised Charlene to allow her dad to work things out with the Kenyan youths through dialogue as he promised.

“Please let your dad, the President of the Republic of Kenya, engage them as promised. I know you’ve been doing a tremendous, good job on the ground. I even complimented you at some point, but for now, just keep off, please, until things cool down, kabisa, as you might be worsening the situation.”

He asks her to refrain from the current state of the nation as her engagement may be worsening things more than she might think.

Charlene, in her statement admitted there are challenges in the current economy from unemployment to the rising cost of living.

She affirmed that the engagements and concerns raised by the youth through the demonstrations are essential and welcomed.

“I hear your voices, I understand your concerns. The challenges we face as a generation are real and pressing. From unemployment to rising cost of living, we are all feeling the impact of our current economic situation.”

“I want you to know that your engagement in our nations affairs is not just welcomed but essential. They all contribute to the vibrant democracy we are building together,” she added.

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