Jeridah Andayi, a renown media personality and a mother of three, has found herself in a tight spot, when her last born Neema, shared her desire of having a baby sibling.

In a candid conversation with her mother, that was shared on social media, Neema perceived how her life will be with a younger brother or sister to look after.

“If I get a baby sister or a baby brother that is from you, I will take care of them as well as possible. Like if they are awake I could be sitting with them, playing with them, I will take care of them as well as possible,” she vowed.

Jeridah however noted that Neema loved being a last born and the minor said, “No, I want to have a small brother or a small sister. I am very sure about that. I can feed them. If they are in bed, I check on them, make sure they are breathing. If the aunty is holding them I will make sure that she has eaten. If she has not eaten I will make her some porridge.”

“Are you dreaming or you are in real life?” Jeridah was prompted to question her daughter, who seemed very serious about the subject.

Neema affirmed that she wasn’t in a dream at all.

“Okay, we will go find one,” Jeridah said, and her daughter insisted, ” That is from you!”

In her caption, Jeridah however insinuated that Neema’s dream of having a baby sister or brother won’t materialise.

“Invalid dreams,” the radio personality wrote.

Jeridah is blessed with two daughters and a son. The son, Victor Andega,  is the eldest and he plays football in US. Her second born, Norah is in form one at Alliance Girls High School while Neema is still in Primary school.

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