J Blessing

Kenyan cinematographer, music video and television producer and director Jibril Blessing, professionally known as J Blessing hints on having a partner and marrying this year.

On a recent interview, the Tv  producer gave advice stating the difference between a wife and a partner he mentioned that it’s very good to have a partner.

“Unajua tunaitanga wife alafu tunaifanya ikae kama relationship is all about a certain way but partner ndio the best thing ever. Si kila mtu anaeza kuwa na partner, partner ni mtu anakuamini kitu unafanya”

“Right now when you see someone that sees beyond ujinga ya watu wengine,that’s a partner, but a wife, kila mtu aneza oa. For me actually, very soon nimeanza kuona kuna partner na pia yeye ameanzaa kuona. Very soon.” J Blessing said

J Blessing’s personal life has been marked by various relationships and family dynamics. He became involved with Radio Maisha Presenter Mwende, through whom their son was born.

In a previous interview, Mwende disclosed that the pair experienced difficulties that resulted in a breakup, despite having planned a wedding and an early engagement.

J Blessing was in a committed relationship with ‘Tokelezea’ hitmaker Chantelle till 2017. The couple had a child together, who sadly died at a young age.

His seven-year relationship with singer Avril has been the subject of much media coverage, which led to a current scandal including allegations of domestic abuse.

Beyond these relationships, J Blessing is also a father to singer Laika’s first child.

J Blessing has received multiple honors in recognition of his efforts to the entertainment industry.

He was recognized as the Groove Awards Video Producer of the Year in 2011, which is evidence of his skill in creating eye-catching graphics.

He has also received recognition from three Mwafaka Awards and one Kubamba Music Video Award, for Worship Video of the Year, among other honors.

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