Busia Senator Okiya Omtatah has hinted on vying for presidency come 2027. He mentioned that their must be a proper vehicle for delivering this country and if it comes up that he’s the best driver for that vehicle, so be it.

On a recent interview at the Shujaa memorial concert in Uhuru Park, when asked his thoughts on people chanting Omtatah the 6th,he stated;

“That’s their democratic right but its not a walk in the park, if I have to go for the president I’m a politician and I wont rule anything out. If I go for the presidency it must be a candidature which is very very well managed and one that has got clear deliverables. I don’t want to be part of a failure. And it must not be about me, its about Kenya and how do we get our country back”


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One of the most outspoken leaders opposing the now contested Finance Bill, 2024 was Omtatah. At the Shujaaz Memorial Concert on Sunday 7th July, in Uhuru Park, Senator Omtatah was warmly welcomed.

The event was held in memory of the demonstrators who lost their lives during the previous two weeks anti-Finance Bill protests.

The way he was welcomed, with loud cheers at the memorial concert, demonstrated how popular he is with the general public.

At public events, several of his National Assembly colleagues who supported the Bill have encountered hostility.

When Omtatah arrived to Uhuru Park, footage posted on X showed him being surrounded by people while the others cleared out to let him pass.

To thunderous cheers from Kenyans, he climbed the stage, waved to the audience, and started dancing to Eric Wainaina’s “Nchi ya Kitu Kidogo” song.

Kenyans turned up in large numbers to honor those who died during the anti-Finance Bill 2024 protests last two weeks.

July 7 is also an important day in the fight for the country’s second liberation and the event was used to reflect on Kenya’s history.

Every year, people celebrate it to remember the nationwide protests that occurred in Kenya on July 7, 1990.The purpose of the protests was to call for multiparty democracy.

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