With proposals to trim the 22 existing ministers to 15, a looming cabinet reshuffle could mean that at least seven cabinet secretaries are out of a job.

Aiming to save expenses by combining ministries and departments, the reorganisation will be in accordance with the Finance Bill 2024 that was withheld.

Up to 43 heads of parastatals and 15 Principal Secretaries can lose their jobs as a result of further reorganisation.

President Ruto was urged to reorganise his cabinet and make other adjustments to other government agencies prior to this upheaval.

That means that for some members, the Thursday cabinet meeting may have been their final one.

The National Treasury, Education, Health, Defence, Energy, Interior, Foreign Affairs and EAC, Labour and Public Service, Affirmative Action, Youth and Gender, and Agriculture, Livestock, and Irrigation are among the ministries that are expected to stay put.

It’s possible that these cabinet ministers will also see changes in their positions.

Moses Kuria, the secretary of the Public Service Cabinet, declared that he is prepared to take the fallout if the current Cabinet is dissolved.

His remarks come in response to senators’ demands that President William Ruto dissolve the Cabinet in order to address the issues facing the nation.

“If the jury says that Moses Kuria has to go home, I will be the first to say yes we go home, but it is also a high time that we also deliver,” he said.

Kuria argued that it is time for all leaders to fulfil their responsibilities in accordance with Kenyans’ expectations.

He also called out previous behaviours that prioritised private interests over public service and urged people to adopt a new perspective or suffer the repercussions.

“It is about time we execute, it is not just about talking and big plans, I think whatever has happened now is a good window to open and see, are we quick to execute?” Kuria said.

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