Shakib Lutaaya, is the husband of socialite Zari Hassan and a successful businessman, having three business under his name, including a boutique.

He recently launched his YouTube channel where he has been sharing his life stories, including his marriage and child hood to motivate others.

In a recent video, Shakib admitted that he did not proceed to a tertiary institution after his Senior School Education.

Coming from a humble background and being raised in slums was among the contributing factors that saw his education end at Senior School.

“I really didn’t go far when it comes to studying but I reached somewhere, if I want to contest for an MP seat I can,” he admitted.

At the same time, Shakib revealed that in Senior school, he had to find a way to pay his school fees and he got a job at a shoe store.

“When I reached Senior 2-3, I had to find my own ways of paying school fees. Early in the morning I would go to school and at around 3, I would sneak out, I ran to Owino(Shoe store). I used to jump the fence, I work from 6-7, when we close, I would then take the shoes outside to the streets I sell from around 9pm-3am. I deliver all the money I make at my boss’ place at around 4am,” he shared, adding that the night shift only left him with about 2 hours to sleep before going to school.

With only 2hours of sleep, Shakib could not concentrate in class and would spend the whole morning sleeping and only catch up in the very few hours of study in the afternoon session.

“While am sleeping I had my boys writing for me notes. I really never concentrated in school. I was making money, the teachers couldn’t tell me anything because I was very stubborn, I was paying for my school fees and the boys writing me notes,” he said.

Asked on how he used to survive during exams, Shakib said that he used to cheat in exams.

“You know schools in Uganda, it is really easy for you to copy any exam if you want to. The only hard ones are those major exams. I can come with my paper inside my pocket, I can get it from a friend.  You are always studying, you are clever, I just give you something you sit close to me, I copy everything you write. I did event pick my form 6 results,” he said.

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