CNN Journalist Larry Madowo has been on the front line in covering the reject Finance Bill 2024 protests in Kenya.

Larry, who was seen several times booking flights to Kenya to cover the events, got praises from people who believed that by airing the protests on the international media channel, the world will get to see what’s happening in Kenya of which it did.

A section of individuals have come after Larry, on his social media platforms, by sending him threatening messages, hinting that his life is in danger.

A message from one Juma Mc stated, “Wewe umeanza ujinga tutakupasau,” proceeding to add, “We will deal with you.”

He also received a message from Cate wag saying, “Your days are numbered”

Larry further received another message from Willy Kips, who said, “We will deal with you umbwa wewe.”

Although it’s unknown what the individual are driving at by sending the messages, many have speculated that the few individuals are a die hard fans of the Kenya kwanza government thus leading to such reactions, because they believe Larry is trying to bring the government down by airing the protests on international TV .

Larry responded to the threats by saying that he is unbwogable, meaning that he is not shaken by the threats.


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His fans commented below his post many showing support to the journalist followed by kind messages and words of appreciation for what the journalist has done for Kenya at a time like this .

Two days ago the CNN correspondent got into a heated argument with fellow journalists after they claimed that Larry threw them under the bus, subjecting them to police brutality.

This incident sparked widespread debate, particularly on social media platforms.

In a video that has circulated widely, the fellows claim that Larry disassociated himself from them when questioned by the police.






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