In a heartfelt and emotional appeal, a man who claims to be the father of prominent socialites and TikTokers Vanny Brad and Savage Laurah has come forward, expressing his deep pain and for forgiveness from his children.

The man, identified as Dalmus, alleged that his daughters have abandoned him despite his sacrifices and struggles to provide for them.

The father of four recalled the hardships he endured to ensure Vanny and Laurah received a good education.

“Mimi ni ningeomba Vanessa, Laurene kama kuna kitu nimewakosea mimi ni baba yao wakubali kuwa nimehangaika nao sana,” he stated in an interview with Sawa media, to remind his daughters to acknowledge his efforts.

The father described his current difficult situation, contrasting it sharply with the luxurious lifestyles his daughters lead.

“Nahangaika na wao wanapeleka magari makubwa makubwa, mama yao amekataa wanisaidie. Mimi ni mgonjwa, sijakula na nalala kwa kibanda,” he lamented.

In a heartfelt plea for reconciliation, he sought forgiveness for anything he might have wronged them, despite saying that he has never intentionally hurt his children.

“Mimi naomba tu Mungu aingilie kwa roho yao. Baba unapata mara moja. Wanisamehe kwa makosa ile nimewafanyia wanisamehe maradufu,” he said, expressing his hope that God would soften their hearts.

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He also addressed their mother, urging her to keep their personal disagreements separate from their relationship with the children.

“Mama yao naye pia kama tuliachana, tuachane kivyetu. Ni mimi na wewe kivyetu,” he continued. “Sio watoto. Watoto watreat sisi wote equally.”

The public as always couldn’t turn away from the issue. They reacted with a mixed reactions where some were for the girls.

“Father’s lose their minds when they realize their daughter aren’t as forgiving as their wives…and their wives aren’t as tolerant as their mothers.”

While the others emphathized with the Father.

“No matter what he did ladies you shouldn’t treat your father this way you’ll regret one day.”

His story serves as a reminder of the bond that exists between a parent their children and the deep pain that can accompany family separation.


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