Digital content creator Nicholas Kioko has criticized people for flaunting their wealth online and counselled them against living lives they do not have.

On his Instagram stories, he claims that some people display money while fully aware that they do not actually own it.

”Some boys out here keep flaunting cash na mnajua tu vizuri hamna hio pesa,” he wrote

He continues by saying that doing so will just draw KRA, worsening their predicament.

”One day KRA will be on your neck and trust you me hamtapenda,” he said

In closing, Kioko said that those who are rich keep rich by appearing rich, and those who are broke stay broke by seeming rich.

”Rich people stay rich by living like they are broke. Broke people stay broke by living like they’re rich,” he ended.

The father of two recently revealed that he was not doing healthwise, admitting that he was battling Lumbar Hyperlodosis,

“Hey everyone, I wanted to share something personal. I’ve been dealing with Lumbar Hyperlordosis, which has made the past few days and nights really challenging,” Kioko wrote.

“Lumbar Hyperlordosis is a condition characterized by a reduced inward curvature of the lower spine. It’s been causing a lot of discomfort. I’m working through it with the help of my healthcare team,” he continued.

Kioko conveyed his appreciation for Wambo Ashley, his wife, and her support, “Thanks to my wife Wambo Ashley for being so supportive,”

In order to increase muscle strength and flexibility, physical therapy, targeted exercises, and medication are commonly used in the treatment of lumbar hyperlordosis.

It is frequently advised that patients undergo physical therapy to help them restore range of motion and reduce pain. Exercises specifically developed to increase flexibility and strengthen the muscles in the lower back may also be helpful.

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