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In the wake of the tragic events surrounding the anti-Finance Bill 2024 protests, renowned entertainer Fully Focus has announced a pledge of Ksh1 million to support the families of those who lost their lives during the demonstrations.

The protests, which were held peacefully against the controversial Finance Bill, turned deadly, leaving several Kenyans dead.This is even after protesters  maintained that they were peaceful from the beginning.

In a heartfelt message, Fully Focus expressed his deep sorrow over the violence that erupted during the protests.

“Deeply saddened by the tragic loss of lives during yesterday’s protest in Kenya,” he wrote. “I am pledging Ksh1 million to support the bereaved families and encourage my fellow entertainers to match it.”

Fully Focus emphasized that the violence seen during the protests is not the path the nation should follow and that things needed to change.

“This isn’t the direction we desire for our nation & hope it serves as a turning point,” he said this calling for change and that the law enforcers were to stop this in order for a better nation.

The anti-Finance Bill 2024 protests were organized in response to proposed hiked taxes that will be a financial burden to the already struggling Kenyans.

The demonstrators were calling for the government to reject the bill, ” #RejectFinanceBill2024″ which would increase economic hardships for citizens.

Fully Focus’s pledge has been praised and support by many people who thanked him for his emphathy and compassion to the fallen soldiers who bravely fought for our rights.

“You are the people we have been for. We must save ourselves and make sure we never let this happen again in our country.”

He has lead way and this calls for unity and compassion during these challenging times. Many in the entertainment industry and beyond should now look to his example, with hopes that more public figures will step forward to aid those affected by the tragic events.

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