A cold war is brewing between Eve Mungai and her ex-boyfriend Bonventure Monyancha aka Director Trevor.

It all began when Eve wore an attire with suggestive writings saying, “My ex is my biggest fan.”

Trevor responded to that saying, “A fool content creator is the one who thinks being her biggest fan is laughable! how absurd.”

Also in a question and answer session with fans, he revealed that he left all household items as well as the house for Eve, repossessing only with social media channels.

“To be honest, should I have taken a cooking pot? Having a new beginning after a breakup is an important step in healing your emotions, personal growth, gaining clarity, rebuilding confidence, setting boundaries, and even opening up to new opportunities,” Trevor explained.

“This will also help you move on quickly from past pain and focus on your life, ensuring you learn from your past and embrace a positive future,” he added.

Following the revelation, Milele FM’s Ankali Ray reached out to Mungai,  asking whether it was true that Trevor left her everything.

“What do you mean, I don’t know what you are talking about and am not in position to talk about whatever you what to talk about, it is not necessary. Nyumba ipi? am not in position to talk about that, najua mahali nyinyi mnaelekea sio maana, siku nitakayotaka kuongea nitaongea,” she said.

Ankali also questioned if the writings on her crop top bore any weight or it was just a clothing.

“Kwaheri, kwanza umetoa wapi namba yangu?” Eve responded.

On whether she had moved on, the YouTuber said, “Mbona wataka kujua, nikitaka wambea mjue nitaawaambia, wambea wafanye kazi, wachunguze, kazi kwao.”

Eve was also reluctant to talk about why she broke up with Trevor, saying that Ankali was returning to her something that she had already overcome.

“It is almost a year, where a you returning,: she said, adding that, ” It is not possible,” when Ankali asked if she misses Trevor.

Asked on whether she would get back with Trevor if he apologizes, she said “Mbona unanisukuma, hizo mamboi tulishamaliza kitambo we are now in a new chapter,” she added.


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