A video of a man being beaten by a shopkeeper over a Kshs100 debt in front of his child has sparked reactions among Kenyans.

In the video that has widely circulated online, the shopkeeper accosted the man, who has since been identified as Boniface Nyaboti, on the road when he was with his son, raining several slaps on him before tying his hands with a rope, with the help of several other individuals.

The minor could be seen screaming as he tried defending his dad by all means, although the task before him was tough. The incident reportedly occurred in Pipeline area of Nairobi.

The video also caught the attention of Eric Omondi, who has moved in to help Nyaboti through his Sisi Kwa Sisi initiative.

Eric had a video call with the man who explained how he found himself in the situation.

“Nilikuwa na deni ya msee wa duka. Nilienda nikamkopa mchele ya 60 na nikamkopa na mafuta. Hio time mtoto alikuwa amefukuzwa school fees na nilikuwa nahangaika mtoto alikuwa analia njaa,” he said.

The comedian has since vowed to ensure that Nyaboti becomes a shop owner.

“TEAM SISI KWA SISI…This is Bonface Nyaboti…He was beaten and chained today because of Deni ya Shop ya 100 mbele ya mtoto wake. Alichukulia mtoi Mafuta na Mchele…His NUMBER is 0713443506 (NAME: BONFACE NYABUTI) SEND As much as you can. KESHO TUNAMFUNGULIA SHOP. He will be a shopkeeper from Tomorrow,” Eric vowed.

Many have condemned the incident as others commended the boy for defending his father.

“This one touched my heart that baby crying and defending his dad. Eric God bless you for what you are doing we will stand with you and the family as well. This situation happened so that God can bless Boniface,”  a netizen said.

“It’s the young man mazeee,why do this mbele ya mtoi😢,” read another comment.


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So far, Kenyans have raised  over Kshs300,000 for Nyabuti.

“TEAM SISI KWA Nyinyi ni Wale Watu!!! Yaaani huyu Jamaa jana alikua anapigwa juu ya kukosa 100 Bob na saizi ako na 326K!!! Huyu tunamfungulia Duka Saizi!!! Keep Sending to 0713443506 (BONFACE NYABUTI) Tunaeza Kasirika Tumfungulie Supermarket,” Eric said.

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